• Address: 302 Cabana Blvd, #2402 Panama City Beach, FL
  • Phone: (850) 890-4267
  • Hours: M-F from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm

Freedom Customization is a Veteran Owned and Operated Small Business specializing in Wooden American Flags. We started this journey after finding a Picket Fence Style American Flag at a local Americana style store. The Flag itself was not handcrafted but rather a section of picket fence with some paint slapped on it, not to mention the outrageous price tag. That is when we hit the drawing board and a load of lumber later we made our first Wooden American Flag. We then took it a step further and started using a Laser Engraving Machine to give the Flags a crisp look. We hand pick all of our wood meaning if we don’t like how the wood looks, rest assured it will not be in your flag. All of our stars are hand painted and all of the images and lettering on the flags are hand painted. No stickers or vinyl is ever used on at of our products, we believe in providing you the best. All of our Traditional Wooden American Flags can be converted into a Hidden Firearm Concealment Case. What this means is that any of our already fantastic flags can be utilized as gun storage. Our goal is to provide you with the best looking unique Wooden American Flag to show off to your neighbors and relatives. Recently we have started handcrafting Bourbon Barrel Wooden Flags. With these we hand select all of the Bourbon Barrel Staves from the Cooperage. As with our Traditional Flags, if we don’t like the way the staves look we don’t put them in the flag. We do not alter the staves in any way meaning we don’t Sand them. If there is Caramelized Bourbon on the outside of the Stave, you better believe it will be in the flag. Additionally we believe in utilizing the staves for the entire flag to include the field of stars. It wouldn’t be considered a Barrel flag if you don’t use staves for the entire flag. If your not sure what you would like, or don’t see what you are interested in, feel free to contact us. We will be more than happy to help you decide what best fits your need.