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VX Getting Ready

The hardest part of getting a start-up to the launch date is all the prep-work that goes into it, if your team isn’t on point it either won’t happen or it will drive you mad in the process. You must have a plan going in and you need to stick to that plan no matter how much it hurts.

This is what separates the men from the boys in the business world, most of the time I have found that people start businesses in their late twenties to mid-thirties. At this point in life most people are working a full or part-time job, going to school and more than likely have children or a family. Time is not something that is easily spared and this can stop your start-up in its tracks, though it’s not always easy to keep things moving at the pace you want them to you must stick with it. I see it every day, people come to me with their ideas and ask for advice, they start and then halfway in they quit or simply give up because they aren’t seeing the results that they want to or are taking a loss.

Anyone and everyone that has made in business will tell you that you must maintain a positive mentality, any company that I have started or worked with I always refer to myself as the Director of Motivation. I do this because that is what it takes to launch any start-up, when things start to become overwhelming you must remember that everyone on your team is feeling that way and more than likely it’s bleeding over into your personal life as well as theirs.

This is not the time to get frustrated and grow apart or become discouraged, this is the time to come together and see what you are made of as a team. If you cannot come together to launch a company how can you expect to maintain one? Don’t be a boss, be a leader, rally your team around you and assault through your objective together, that is what it takes to make it. Cross-train each other so that if someone is sick or decides to go in a different direction each of you can cover down on that position so it doesn’t become overwhelming for your team until you can get the position filled.

These tactics not only strengthen the company, they also help on the individual side because learning and team structure builds confidence and if you don’t capitalize on that in the beginning it’s hard to build down the road. Set your goals, come together, grow together, then succeed together. This mentality will get you to your launch date and then you have a whole new beast on your hands.



Anthony Veteran Exchange


Anthony Gendreau ~VX7~

Chief Executive Officer

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