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Big 4 oz Sin City Beard Butter

Big 4 oz Sin City Beard Butter

The illegal moonshine trade was fueled by prohibition and organized crime was fueled by the illegal moonshine trade. Moonshining, bootlegging and rumrunning made several Mafia bosses very rich men. Some of these men found sanctuary in the Nevada desert. Needing a way to hide money, they built casinos. Las Vegas was born, taking on nicknames like glitter gulch, the city of lights, and the inspiration for our newest creation…….Sin City. The scent is a very unique blend of oils culminating in a chocolate honey scent. Very subtle, yet very appealing this scent is sure to get your senses racing.




Our beard butter is a very light, whipped and airy version of balm. Beard Butter is perfect for on the go to get the the coverage of balm and some of the benefits of oil. Its also perfect for bedtime, as it absorbs quickly but also coats and locks in the benefits while you sleep! Our proprietary blend of butters and oils will leave the beard feeling soft and will help fight tangles, as well as helping provide a healthy beard. **WARNING** The beard butter has a low melt point and could melt and settle during shipping, if this does occur, place in a refrigerator for around 20 minutes and store in a cool, dry place.