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“The Liter” 24X16 Whiskey / Bourbon Barrel Flag

Product Description

Our Freedom line of Flags, The Whiskey / Bourbon Barrel Flag. Each of our Barrel Flags are Handmade to order, we carefully select each piece that goes into your Flag. All of our Barrel Staves are hand selected from the Cooperage. If we don’t like how the stave looks, we don’t use it. The Entire Flag is Comprised of Barrel Staves to include the Field of Stars, and nothing is sanded or altered color wise. We feel that keeping the staves the way they came from the barrel are what makes these flags unique to include not using any other wood for the Stars. All Flags come ready to hang out of the box and are coated with Polyurethane to bring out the look of the flag for you to enjoy. Please note that the overall color of the flag may vary depending on the staves.