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Whiskey / Bourbon Barrel Lid Rustic

Product Description

With our Whiskey / Bourbon Barrel flags come the Lids to accent them. All of our Barrel lids are from used Whiskey / Bourbon Barrels which we have handpicked straight from the cooperage and still have a hint of Bourbon / Whiskey in them. All Barrel lids come with a brace on the back with the hanger ready to hang out of the package. As with all of our items, if we don’t like how the barrel lids look, it doesn’t get offered to our customers. We believe that the customer deserves the best especially when it comes to looks. The Barrel lids are customizable with images and text, however we ask that you get in touch with us for all custom Barrel Lid Orders prior to placing the order. Want a newer Barrel Lid, just let us know so we can hand pick one for you.