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When our team started this company, we knew that we were stepping into a saturated market, though veteran apparel is doing very well right now we knew that we couldn’t recreate the wheel. At this point we decided to set ourselves apart by creating a hub for everything veteran, we still faced one huge challenge which was how to do we out market our competition. Though we are working with a lot of great veteran brands at some point we still must look at them as competition as no one can sale your products better than you. Marketing and diversity became our objective at this point, if we can’t beat them at their own game how do we restructure the game to work in our favor. This objective left us stymied for almost two months as we were trying to come up with a plan of action that could help us assault through the objective at hand with no luck, while getting crushed in sales. Now what I am going to tell you next is what set’s us apart from other companies and is why most start-up CEO’s dislike me. The way that we assaulted through this objective was through you, customers, readers and followers. I am a huge fan of open source and having launched quite a few companies successfully, I know that you cannot do it without the knowledge of your peers and listening to your customer base. I have been blessed with a sizable social media following so I used it, I reached out and asked our potential customers what it was that they felt we are lacking in the veteran community and most of the people I talked to said the same thing, which was jobs. From this point I asked myself how can I accomplish creating jobs for veterans, while still over coming my marketing issue in a way that was mutually beneficial for all of us without having hard stand facilities at my disposal yet. Basically, how could I create jobs out of thin air that where viable and I was willing to base my reputation in the veteran community on. Think about that for a minute, how can you create jobs that you are willing to vouch for to all the people that mean most to you in this world who also just happen to be your customers and supporters! No matter what choice I made at this point I was not only risking my reputation but also my teams, my business and investment. It took me a few days, but I started considering all the business models that use focused marketing specifically in internet sales, I kept finding the same thing which was the multi-level marketing companies which I always refer to as pyramid schemes. So, I asked myself what is it that draws people, especially veterans to these types of companies? What is it that entices us to want to work with these companies, give them our money, carry their product and recruit for them and why do they target our community? After a little reverse engineering and looking at the psychological aspects of the programs I realized these companies’ business models are ingenious but corrupt as fuck. They are set up in away that allows false motivation to supersede everything almost like the military in a way, they have a subverted sense of camaraderie in their recruiting programs which is why they target the veteran community. The one thing that we have in our community is trust and this is invaluable to these companies, if you as a veteran ask someone who is looking for an extra avenue of income to attend a meeting all that these guys need to do is sell you faith in a bottle and it’s not that hard. Now at this point I know quite a few of you are saying okay bro but seriously I wouldn’t fall for that shit, the truth is I did, quite a few people I know have, some make good money and some lost tons. I will also say that never think that you can’t be sold, if you have a VA loan, car loan, work for an mlm on the side or work for a large corporation you have been sold, believe me I know, I could sell bubblegum in a lockjaw ward and I’m not exaggerating. So, I took all of this in and told myself I liked the concept without the corruption but how does it affect the bottom line if you get rid of the subverted avenues, I mean come on I’m a businessman, I still have requirements to meet just like anyone else. I found that the business model for an mlm still works if you take out the corrupt up and down lines and just keep everything commissioned based. It’s basically how all our websites work, we take items from our vendors, we push them to you the customer and we make a commission, it’s just a matter of volume and popularity that really set each company apart. At this point I realized that I had a chance to kill two birds with one stone, I could overcome my marketing issue while creating jobs for veterans that were viable and give the finger to mlm’s that take advantage of veterans at the same time. I realized that I could split profits with veterans that market for me on an individual basis without making them buy anything, carry or ship any products. In doing this I proved that you don’t need an up and down line, why should someone else make a percentage of your sale? I mean seriously it’s not hard, we provide the product, you sell it, it’s shipped, why overcomplicate it. There shouldn’t be any added fees, when we as a company work out a deal with another company we get anywhere from 25% – 50% off MSRP and we pay for shipping which we normally take into consideration when we tell you how to sell the products. So, what I came up with was the idea of a sales force which I dubbed the VX Vet Force, this is a work from home opportunity that can provide jobs for veterans, selling high quality veteran products that are shipped directly from the induvial vendor and is 100% commissioned based. No more having to spend money, no more having to hold and ship inventory, if you sell something you get a commission check that is sent to you monthly from our company. So once again therefore a lot of start-up CEO’s dislike me, because instead of keeping that to myself I’m willing to share this information with all of you, if you don’t believe me do your own research. I’m not saying that you can’t make any money doing the mlm thing, I’m just saying that we as a veteran community can make it better. We can work together, sell veteran products to our community that help support our community and make a little money together at the same time. As I said before it’s not just about what you do as a company it’s how you set yourself apart from the others. I don’t want you to sign up for a club or box deal, I don’t want your money, all I want is your time and effort and that’s what sets us apart.




Anthony Veteran Exchange


Anthony Gendreau ~VX7~

Chief Executive Officer

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