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VX Time to Launch

The launch is an odd time for most people, you don’t know how to feel because you are feeling everything all at once! What I have found is never pump yourself up too much, stay humble if it takes at first that’s awesome but if it doesn’t don’t get discouraged. Launch is a time for trial and error, you’re just learning how everything operates in real time. I always recommended doing a soft opening and then a hard launch, followed by a launch party.

Now there are two ways that I do launch parties, 1. I launch with a bunch of people surrounded by computers so that we can fix any issue in real time especially if it’s a tech start-up. 2. I throw a public party where my team can relax, have a few drinks and live in and realize their own glory even if only for an hour or so. Zero hour starts for most start-ups at open of business the day after launch, most people will advise you to launch on Friday but I always launch on a Wednesday.

This gives my team two or three days to become accustom to everything and they still have their weekend to relax before we hit hard on Monday morning. When you start the new work week it’s important that everyone is on board and confident because you are more than likely facing an up-hill battle. When you get to the middle of your week and everyone is hitting their limits it’s important to remember to get out and do something together outside of the office.

Take your team to Dave and Busters or out to ride go-carts, get out there and have some fun as a team! At this point, this is pivotal because each person starts to lose the bond due to overexposure. Start playing music in the office environment, do little things that help reduce the stress on your team, you are the Director of Motivation for your team and that means you go above and beyond to accommodate them. Launch should only be considered a maximum of two weeks, at that point if you don’t have thinks locked in you haven’t tried hard enough. Remember to keep weekly goals as well as short term and long term not only individual but team goals.

When you reach goals celebrate the occasion, have a small awards ceremony each year to honor your team and share their victories with the public. With that said remember to give back starting with your launch, if you can’t find a charitable cause to support you just aren’t looking or you don’t want to embrace your community.

Find a cause, connect with your community and give back. This not only keeps you humble but it keeps you involved in your local community, as you hope for the success of your business you should do so about the surrounding community as well know matter what your focus maybe.

My personal goal is to end Veteran homelessness in each city that we open a store and I will accomplish this with all your help because I am going to open partnership and franchise opportunities to every veteran that lives around a large military installation or hub and is looking for a viable opportunity.




Anthony Veteran Exchange


Anthony Gendreau ~VX7~

Chief Executive Officer

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